Testing micro.blog

Test post. fmt.Println(“Hello world”)

Testing vscode snippet

Pet peeve: Whenever Daylight Saving Time resets I have to re-remember what the offset is from UTC. I think I’m going to just start using UTC for everything so I don’t have to remember.

Also found a cool social network called rotonde. It reminds me of Patchwork

rotonde rotonde: larger image

patchwork patchwork: larger image

Video test

Tears of Steel

Big Buck Bunny


Elephants Dream

Back again

Back again after some time off. I’ve been restructuring some stuff locally trying to find the best setup for windows 10 development using Windows Subsystem Linux. I found a cool app called MobaXterm that is an interface to local terminal, ssh, s3 and a few other things. It’s pretty nice if you’re on windows.

Happy Moon Day

Happy Moon Day 🌙

My coworker starts today. I’m stoked to get to the office. It’s nice that it’s a bit cooler today. Been meaning to put air in my tires after work but it’s been too damn hot out.

Getting beaker to work on windows with vagrant

If you’re on windows and you have a sufficient level of technical knowledge you can get beaker browser to run. Firstly you need to install xming. This is an x11 server for Windows. Next, we vagrant ssh. From inside vagrant we netstat -rn this will give us our gateway IP. Use the first result from the list. Now we export DISPLAY=GATEWAY_IP:0 replacing GATEWAY_IP with the IP address of the gateway. Now, any GUI applications you run inside vagrant image should display on your Windows xserver.

Oh man this heat is intense

Standing in the shade at the MAX stop and I’m still sweating like crazy. I can’t imagine someone being in this all day long. of course I’m in a long sleeve and trousers so that may have something to do with it. Tomorrow is Friday. woo we made it thank gods.

Thursday morning MAX ride

Another day on the max. I love crossing the new bridge. unfortunately my window was a bit smudged this morning


Get ready for the heat y’all.

Serving Daisy Drag Realness

Picture of my a drag outfit for Daisy Duck.

Serving some playdough drag realness.


Why is AC so loud?

Currently batttling with wife over AC. #1 It’s too cold. #2 It’s loud AF. I’m realizing my temperature threshold is very narrow. Something like 22C to 30

Stuck on max

Sitting here stuck on max because their signal isn’t working. it’s kinda weird because…..

nevermind person just came over speaker and we are good. nothing to see here

so hot today. max is nice and cool tho. thank gods.

tomorrow is supposed to be worse. hopefully I’ll make it out alive.

Hot days equals slowdowns

Luckily our office is pretty insulated otherwise I might not be able to bear this heat. I kinda feel sorry for Trimet. First the max has some major slowdowns, then their computer network shuts down and they can’t process payments. The machines were offline this morning and apparently the app too. I tried checking news.trimet.org but it wasn’t loading so I checked Twitter and I saw they were being pretty good about keeping people updated. This is why I still use Twitter. R.I.P. Facebook.

Ride home

Currently riding on the max writing this update on my phone. Trying to find a decent markdown editor to write with. I’ve updated my setup. I’m using syncthing to sync my Hugo folder instead of nextcloud which is what I was using previously. This allows me to edit and publish on the move. I also have connectbot ssh client running so that I can run the Hugo build process on my server. I’m going to try and figure out how to do that from my phone.

Edit: I came up with a new deploy script that will publish my site directory to ipfs and then configure nginx with the new hash

# deploy.sh
hugo && echo "proxy_pass http://dweb.link/ipfs/$(ipfs add -r hsite/public|tail -n1|cut -d ' ' -f2)/;" > /root/ipfs_hash && service nginx reload

Let’s tear this down. First, the script runs hugo which builds the static site, then$(ipfs add -r hsite/public|tail -n1|cut -d ' ' -f2) tells the computer to run a sub script that runs the ipfs binary on the public folder of my static site, and then takes the second column of the last line which is the hash of the main directory. It then interpolates this into the proxy_pass directive of nginx which acts like a reverse proxy to dweb.link which is an IPFS gateway node. The entire string is piped to a config file which I include in my nginx config, then nginx is reloaded with new config.

IndieWeb magick with static sites and IPFS

I’ve been playing around with IPFS, Hugo, and IndieWeb to publish this site.

I’ve configured NGINX to serve my site from IPFS using the local daemon that gets installed on port 8080.

Here is my config

# /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

server {
    listen 80 default_server;
    location / {
        proxy_pass http://localhost:8080/ipns/Qmc9UjSn1TksQdMsDKrNgbwLhAtWZ1J9Cu4it4addUEpwC/;

Qmc9UjSn1TksQdMsDKrNgbwLhAtWZ1J9Cu4it4addUEpwC refers to my IPNS key which works kinda like DNS, in that, it is a static address that resolves to dynamic content.

I publish my static folder like ipfs add -r $PUBLIC_DIR and then ipfs name publish $GENERATED_HASH on the hash that gets generated from the add command. This publishes the generated hash to my static key.

You can visit this site on a different IPFS gateway by going to http://dweb.link/ipfs/ and appending the hash that appears at the bottom of this post to the url.

Holy heatwave batman

What is with this heat wave? …Seriously. Wednesday is supposed to be the hottest day in Portland history.

Global warming is a hoax tho, right? Lul.

Friend Race

Watching RuPaul’s Drag Race. Category is: “Parent’s night out”


Post nap time

Gemma is finished with her nap and watching her show.

watching her show

First Post

Heather, Gemma & I went to the playground this morning.